Blast Core Dryer Commisioned

After years of research and development we have just commisioned our state of the art blast core dryer!

How it Works?

During the manufacturing process moisture is added to cores in the adhesive used to bind each ply. Once manufactured, if cores are not force dried they can perform inconsistantly when it comes to radial crush strength.  

Core Drying & Radial Crush 

By force drying our cores to a recipe determined in the specification we can guarantee radial strenght. This eliminates the risk expensive core crushing problems throughout the supply chain. This also means we can in many cases reduce the wall thickness and therefore the cost of many overspecified cores.

Applications that will Benefit 

  • Label Manufacturers 
  • Textile Manufacturers 
  • Flexible film Manufacturers 

Contact our Packaging Specialists today to discuss how we can eliminate core crush and reduce your wall thickness.