Industrial Packaging Ltd has been manufacturing bulk packaging solutions for three generations. We are more than just stockists, we are problem solvers. We partner with our customers to develop packaging solutions that protect their products throughout the supply chain.

Solving Quality Issues

Powder clumping, humidity control, UV degradation and tablet crush are some of the problems we have solved with recent product developments.

​Increasing Product Shelf Life

With the application of moisture and vapour resistant barriers and gaskets to our drums, we have doubled the shelf life of the products stored in them, relative to products stored in standard drums.

​Maximising Transport Efficiency

We can offer space-saving options, specially conceived to maximise the shipping space you are paying for.

I began my career with Pfizer in 1993, within the Warehouse. IP have been a consistent element of packaging supply. During this time, my experience with IP products has been entirely positive. IP provide an excellent service and are very responsive to any special requirements or demand we may have. I have found IP’s products to be robust, reliable and of high quality. I strongly recommend Industrial Packaging Ltd as a supplier and I look forward to many years of continued business with them.

Pfizer Ireland

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