Industrial Packaging designs and manufactures bespoke wire and cable storage and packing solutions, for the wire and cable manufacturing industry in Ireland. These include industrial reels and drums, branded if required. 

Cable & Wire Reels

Industrial Packaging can produce cores for reels in diameters ranging from 200mm to 2000mm. We route the flanges from high grade Russian birch, known to be the best quality plywood in the world, and press the steel to create a robust pack which can have confidence in, to protect your product in transit and in use by your customer.

Sizes of cable reel
PayOffPack drum

Cable & Wire Pay-Off Packs

For additional protection, wire can be “paid off” into a drum, wrapping around a purpose-made core within it. In addition to bespoke sizes created specifically for your customers’ needs, a further benefit of this solution is that the drums can be attractively branded, making your products immediately recognisable and reinforcing your name in your customers’ minds each time they see a pack.

We developed our Pay-Off Pack with IP 13 years ago. From an operator perspective, it is practical and user-friendly. From a marketing perspective, it looks great and sets us aside from our international competitors.

Welding Wire Manufacturer

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