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Industrial Packaging staff at Curtec resller conference

Connecting with Curtec

28 September 2023

Industrial Packaging is proud to be the exclusive distributor for CurTec drums in Ireland. We were delighted to visit the company in the beautiful city of Leiden, in the Netherlands where CurTec hosted the first-ever Reseller Conference! A truly international event, we were joined there by representatives from a total of 12 different countries.

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Mezzanine warehouse space at Industrial Packaging drum factory allowing short lead times

NEWS: It’s getting mezzy in the warehouse

31 August 2023

No, not messy! In fact, quite the opposite: our new building project, adding a mezzanine level to our warehouse, will tidy things up and increase storage capacity. This allows us to guarantee short lead times for our customers.

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Child and medical professional at a childrens hospital in Ireland

NEWS: Thank you & happy new year

31 January 2023

Thank you for your business in 2022, which has supported many manufacturing and other jobs, at our two plants here in Co. Wicklow. In recognition, we in turn have supported some local charities this new year.

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Man in Santa hat packing boxes

GUIDE: How to pack a UN certified box

28 November 2022

Unlike on Santa’s production line, you have to follow certain box-packing procedures for the UN certification of UN-certified cardboard boxes to be valid. Here we explain exactly how to do it.

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