Charity Donations

On behalf of all of us at Industrial Packaging, I would like to say thank you for your support of our 60 + Irish manufacturing jobs through your business in 2023.
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Industrial Packaging staff at Curtec resller conference

Connecting with Curtec

Industrial Packaging is proud to be the exclusive distributor for CurTec drums in Ireland. We were delighted to visit the company in the beautiful city of Leiden, in the Netherlands where CurTec hosted the first-ever Reseller Conference! A truly international event, we were joined there by representatives from a total of 12 different countries.
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A factory worker with cardboard column moulds towering above him

NEWS: 75 years in business!

This year, Industrial Packaging Ltd will be 75 years in business, and an employer of 60 people in our local community. Even at the ripe old age of 75, we still strive to innovate and stay ahead of the game. Here’s a short business update from one of our Directors.
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New core winding machine in the Industrial Packaging Ltd factory

NEWS: It’s fancy new machine day!

We just took delivery of a new core winding machine. We designed it in conjunction with the manufacturer, with maximum quality and efficiency in mind, so that we can remain competitive in the future. It was ordered back in 2018, so it’s really exciting to finally have it on-site in 2021! It will increase our production capacity by one-third and shorten lead times for customers.
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BW photo of Fred Lee at Mt Everest

NEWS: Looking back on our roots

Last month would have been the 100th birthday of Fred Lee, founder of Industrial Packaging. The ability to identify opportunity, engineer’s perspective and tenacity that characterised Fred have also characterised the company over its decades of survival and growth since he took it on, back in the early 1950s.
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BW photo of Industrial Packaging founders and directors in 1990s

In memory of Ray

Thank you to all our customers for their business in 2019. It has enabled us to donate to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and organisations which support people without homes in Ireland: Peter McVerry Trust, Focus Ireland and the Capuchin Day Centre.
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