A simple solution for tablet crush

Tablet and capsule crush in transit is a major cause of waste and machine downtime in the pharmaceutical industry. We have a simple solution to significantly reduce these problems.

Our robust fibre or plastic drums can be fitted with protective foam liners. This protective material, used on the walls, base and lid of the containers as required, cushions the pills inside, during distribution and storage.

Fibre drum with lid off showing inner foam lining to prevent tablet crush

The pharma-grade and food-grade packaging foam we use is specially engineered to leave no tare or trace on the contents. Specialised cutting equipment, techniques, testing processes and software are used in the design and manufacture of the protective foam inserts. They are made of polyurethane or polyethylene, depending on requirements such as softness, aeration, moisture-resistance, vibration-reduction and so on of specific drug products. They can be custom-made in the thickness, softness and colour best suited to your pharmaceutical products and the severity of the transport conditions they may experience, including the likelihood of drops and other shocks.

All fibre drum in its side showing foam lined inner walls

We work with a specialist manufacturer of this foam packaging protection, with whom we have a strong relationship established over many years, since we first developed this type of solution for one of our customers. We can fit the custom-sized foam pieces into the plastic or fibre drums for you, or provide them separately to be fitted during your production process.

This composite packaging solution offers the optimum protection for bulk pharmaceutical tablet shipments against getting crushed, chipped or otherwise damaged.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about developing a protective packaging solution such as this for your products.