IBC containers in stock in Ireland

Looking to buy IBC containers? We supply these practical, 1000 litre tanks – or “intermediate bulk containers” (IBCs). We supply several types, for different contents and environments.

A particularly eco-friendly addition to this product line is reconditioned IBCs. Cleaned, tested and re-certified, the previously-used containers we supply are safe and fully reliable: re-purposed according to a rigorous 7-stage process about which we can provide detailed information. This makes used IBCs a viable option for companies looking to save money and achieve environmental goals, without wishing to take risks with regard to quality. Learn more about our supplier of reconditioned totes, Packaging Laundry Ltd., and their methods.

We also supply compact 300 litre IBCs, which are easier to recondition and reuse, where a closed-loop opportunity exists, than 200 litre drums. This makes them an excellent option for companies looking to improve their sustainaibility practices.

And we of course supply new IBC tanks: standard ones with a range of options regarding bottle, pallet, valve and tray; as well as IBCs suitable for flammable products and explosive zones; and flexible aseptic tanks, designed to safely contain sterile or very sensitive products. All of our regular-sized new IBC totes come from GREIF, a highly reputed global manufacturer of products whose quality is second-to-none. Lastly, we provide a range of 1000 kg FIBC bulk bags.