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It all started 7 decades ago with fibre drums, at our first factory in Harmony Row in Dublin City Centre. From there, our product range has built up over the decades to include complementary products – other product packaging solutions that use similar materials and manufacturing processes, like cardboard tubes and cores; and alternative bulk container options for our existing customers who needed them.

And if you don’t see exactly what you want but would like us to design or source something similar for you, well, we’ve a long history of doing that for our customers.

Industrial Containers

We specialise in sustainable fibre drums, which we can custom make to suit each customer’s products and supply chain, at our state-of-the-art drum plant in Bray. These are complemented by a full range of plastic drums, pails and jerricans, as well as steel drums and tin pails, and UN-certified cardboard boxes.

So we definitely have a bulk container to fulfill your needs!

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Cores & Tubes

We started making poster tubes, then found that they were in demand to protect, present and transport all sorts of other products. Then we developed ultra-strong, crush-resistant tubes called cores that are a great solution for wrapping all sorts of textile, tape and film type products around.

Be inspired by the many uses of our cores and tubes!

Cable & Wire Packaging

Take a crush-resistant core and place it in a light, strong, sustainable fibre drum and you have a perfect solution for protecting and storing cable and wire. Take a crush-resistant core and add strong wooden discs and you have a sustainable cable reel. Both options made in the dimensions to suit your production set-up and make optimum use of your warehouse and transport space.

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Concrete Column Forms

Our expertise in manufacturing cardboard tubes and cores naturally led us to experiment with making extra-big tubes and honing the manufacturing process to guarantee strength and resistance across multiple lengths and diameters.

While it was a move away from packaging, the creation of this product solved a problem in the construction industry, that of steel shuttering, which was traditionally used to build concrete columns or pillars. Heavy, awkward to install, remove, clean and store, and leaving marks on the new columns that had to be polished out, shuttering for columns has understandably been replaced on building sites across Ireland by our FORMAROUND moulds – easy to handle, customisable and allowing builders to save time and costs by avoiding multiple concrete pours.

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