A waste management solution to assist in the disposal of ‘lab smalls’redundant/expired chemicals or other laboratory materials in containers under 5 litres, which can be dangerous. These drums were developed in collaboration with the Irish Health & Safety Authority, specifically for this purpose.

Applications & Benefits

  • Integrated pack requires no additional liners or tape
  • Resealable and tamper-evident
  • Customisable: bespoke printing available
  • Lightweight for easy handling

These drums are v-rated – a rating attributed to packaging tested and approved in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) section This is a legal requirement for waste lab smalls in Ireland since 2016. These fibre drums can be used for medical waste disposal, healthcare waste and for all sorts of general hazardous waste generated in labs and production environments.

UN Certified with V Rating

Specially tested and certified to contain and transport dangerous lab smalls

UN-Approved icon

Integrated Liner

Contains any spill of contents in transit


V Marked Drum Sizes in Stock

Please get in touch about other sizes. Note that this product can also be made in bespoke sizes to suit your space.

FG00021 V marked lab smalls drum 30L / Blue / Alu lined / 355x375 Solids 45 FG00021 V marked drum 30L
FG00041 V marked lab smalls drum 60L / Blue / Alu lined / 395x555 Solids 36 FG00041 V marked drum 60L
FG00062 V marked lab smalls drum 120L / Blue / Alu lined / 470 x 715 Solids 10 FG00062 V marked drum 120L
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