A revolutionary solution designed to shield chemicals and pharmaceuticals from the deteriorating effects of UV light. With a protective barrier against light in the 200-400 nm (UV) wavelength range, these jars act like SPF for your valuable contents. Offering a permanent shield, UV Safe Packo jars eliminate concerns about migration or diffusion, providing peace of mind.

Applications & Benefits

  • UV Safe
  • Permanent UV Barrier
  • Moisture Control
  • Secure closure
  • Tamper-Evident Design
  • UN Certified
  • Ergonomic Closure
  • High-Quality Assurance

Available with a quarter-turn screw lid and inner seal or a screw lid with an integrated gasket, both options are water vapour tight with a determined moisture vapour transmission rate using ASTM standards. The integrated tear-off strip on the screw lids ensures immediate visibility of tampering, enhancing security. UN certified for hazardous materials, these jars prioritise safety in shipping. For added convenience, the manual closure is made even easier and more ergonomic with the optional Lid Locker, allowing users to exert more torque with less effort.

EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

UN Certified for Transport of Solids

Product Specifics

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4303-70-101 Packo container, PE, 300 ml, black Solids 3675
4305-70-101 Packo container, PE, 500 ml, black Solids 2414
4306-70-101 Packo container, PE, 650 ml, black Solids 1890
4310-70-101 Packo container, PE, 1000 ml, black Solids 1260
4313-70-101 Packo container, PE, 1300 ml, black Solids 945
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