Industrial Packaging is the Irish distributor of these innovative aseptic tanks. This 1000 litre container combines a composite IBC with an aseptic liner for the most sensitive of products, including food and drinks, pharma and cosmetics. It is ideal for shipping sterile products, and also for storing them in cooled conditions – as low as -18 degrees C. The structure and strength is assured by a cage and pallet (which can be collected and reconditioned), while the aseptic conditioning is guaranteed by the double bag and inner liner.

Applications & Benefits

  • Lower weight, therefore lower transport costs, than regular IBCs
  • Suitable for long-lasting cold storage
  • Highest quality components providing ultimate protection
  • Sustainable, as cage and pallet can be reconditioned and reused
  • Can be filled both from top (1″ and 2″ Elpo) or from bottom

The external polypropylene bag has two layers: an outer waterproof layer and a softer inner layer. The aseptic liner expands and unrolls automatically inside, guaranteeing homogenous positioning of liquid contents. It can be filled constantly, increasing efficiency, either from the top or the bottom. The top connection is compatible with most filling lines, both with fast connection and screw; the bottom valve is BPA free with male connection.

ISOTS 22002-4 Global Food Safety Accreditation


UN Certified for Transport of Liquids


Cage and Pallet Designed for Reuse


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