Plastic drum with screw lid closure for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and food ingredients. Shaped to maximise space efficiency on pallets, for lower transport and storage costs. Sizes/capacities range from 40 to 80 litres.


  • Low moisture vapour transmission
  • Manufactured under GMP conditions
  • Transport efficient relative to round plastic drums
  • Screw top easy opening and closing
  • Clean, safe and certified

Square plastic drums increase pallet density and have a screw lid, making them easy to open and close. They protect your valuable products from moisture, from contamination, and against tampering, ensuring your hazardous solids arrive safely at their destination.

Transport Efficient on Pallets



UN Certified for Solids


UN-Approved icon

Tamper Evidence and Security Sealable


Square-drum tamper evidence

Handles for Easy Movement



EU Food Grade & FDA Approved


Food-Safety-Approved icon

Standard Stock Sizes

Please get in touch about other sizes

RS00226 Square plastic drum, 40L, Screw top, Mounted grips Solids 54 RS00226 40L square plastic drum
RS00227 Square plastic drum, 50L, Screw top, Mounted grips Solids 45 RS00227 50L square plastic drum
RS00228 Square plastic drum, 66L, Screw top, Mounted grips Solids 36 RS00228 66L square plastic drum
RS00229 Square plastic drum, 80L, Screw top, Mounted grips Solids 27 RS00229 80L square plastic drum
To request specs on any of the above products, just call or message.