Plastic drum with patented sliding lid closure, for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, hazardous goods. Shaped to maximise space efficiency on pallets, increasing sustainability in the supply chain. Their wide opening makes them easy to fill and empty and their clever sliding lid is fast and easy to open and close (see video below). It includes the patented 2-part sliding closure mechanism developed by CurTec.

Currently available with a 40 litre capacity.


  • Reduces cost of transport, storage and handling
  • Speedy opening and closing, without tools or significant force
  • Unique, highly visible point of closure
  • Rubber gasket ensures container is water vapour tight
  • No sharp edges or corners to cause injury or damage

These rectangular plastic drums increase pallet density. They are also tapered, allowing empties to slot into each other, offering space and cost savings on storage and transport of empties. They are designed to be reusable multiple times. All these factors contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of a supply chain and lowering the cost of transport, storage and handling.

UN certified for transport of dangerous solids (packaging groups I, II and III)

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Shape increases pallet density by up to 40%



Tapered and stackable: takes up less space full and empty


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EU Food Grade & FDA approved


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Reduces carbon footprint of supply chain

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