This drum was developed in response to the need for containers without the potential to shred particles or fibres, which could cause contamination, in cleanrooms and GMP production areas. The PharmaClean drum offers all the benefits of fibre, with external and internal coatings to eliminate the risk of fibre shedding, or ‘fibre tare’.


  • Straight-wall design allows easy insertion of liners and removal when full
  • Same dimension and size range as classic LeverLoc drums
  • Lightweight alternative to plastic or steel drums
  • Polyliner provides weather resistance, which allows for outdoor storage for up to 4 months
  • Internal foil liner prevents moisture ingress, increasing product shelf life and reducing powder clumping and degradation issues

PharmaClean drums are poly-lined internally and externally, specifically to avoid contamination in cleanrooms and GMP production areas. They are in stock in 140L capacity and we can also manufacture bespoke sizes according to your needs.

Lined Internally & Externally

Outer coating options of polymer-infused lacquer or a poly wrap, depending on customer preference. Internal lining is alufoil.


UN Certified PG I, II & III

Having undergone rigorous performance testing, these drums are qualified for packing all levels of dangerous solids

UN-Approved icon

Resealable with Tamper Evidence

LeverClamp closure is designed to accomodate a security or tamper-evident seal

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