Comprehensively tested according to both European and US Pharmacopeia standards, these screw-top jars serve as primary packaging for pharmaceutical products. Crafted from pharma grade HDPE and coloured with a matching pharma grade colorant, the Packo jars and lids fully comply with the stringent requirements of European and US markets. The integrated tear-off strip on the screw lid ensures immediate visibility of any tampering with valuable contents.

Applications & Benefits

  • Pharma Grade Security
  • Compliant with Pharmacopeia standards
  • HDPE Construction
  • Tamper-Evident Design
  • Smooth Interior for Maximum Value
  • Moisture Barrier with Inner Seal
  • ASTM-Tested Moisture Control
  • Ergonomic Closure with Lid Locker

Smooth on the inside, Packo jars guarantee maximum value for users by allowing the extraction of every last bit of valuable product. With a quarter-turn screw lid and inner seal, the Pharma Grade Packo offers a robust barrier against moisture ingress, with the moisture vapour transmission rate determined using ASTM standards. Manual closure is made even more ergonomic with the optional Lid Locker, enabling users to exert torque with ease.

EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

UN Certified for Transport of Solids

Product Specifics

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4303-52-004 Packo set, Pharma PE, 300 ml, white - white Solids 3675
4305-52-004 Packo set, Pharma PE, 500 ml, white - white Solids 2415
4306-52-004 Packo set, Pharma PE, 650 ml, white - white Solids 1890
4310-52-004 Packo set, Pharma PE, 1000 ml, white - white Solids 1260
4313-52-004 Packo set, Pharma PE, 1300 ml, white - white Solids 945
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