Rebottled IBCs, with their dedicated focus on safety and efficiency, are gaining prominence in the food and drink industry. They offer a dependable and adaptable storage solution for producers, manufacturers, and suppliers dealing with perishable consumables. Elevate your storage game with our rebottled IBCs – a perfect blend of reliability and sustainability. The unique aspect of rebottling involves marrying a fresh, unused container with a reused outer metal frame, striking a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and safety assurance. These containers stand out for their suitability for food grade products, setting them apart from their reconditioned counterparts. The universal design of our rebottled IBCs, coupled with their robustness, makes them ideal for a diverse range of applications. Crafted with precision from durable HDPE (high-density polyethylene), these container bottles exhibit resilience in the face of challenging environmental conditions, all while remaining lightweight for effortless handling and transportation.


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Applications & Benefits

  • Suitable for food or pharma grade products e.g. industrial chemicals, adhesives, lubricants, waste etc.
  • UN-certified for transport of dangerous liquids
  • Plastic, steel or wooden pallet options
  • Black bottles available for UV-sensitive products
  • EX Area Conductive IBCs available for explosive areas and flammable liquids

Rebottled IBCs (with a reconditioned cage and pallet but a new bottle) are suitable for food grade products.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Cost-effective, sustainable alternative to new IBCs


Leak tests are performed on the bottle and outlet valve, ensuring ADR compliance.

The foil seal on these valves will show any evidence of tampering.

Rebottled IBCs on the move.

Rebottled IBC Range

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RS00511 IBC Rebottled 1000L / UN/ Food Grade/ / Natural bottle / Plastic or steel pallet / 150mm lid / 2" valve Liquids 2 RS00511 Rebottled IBC
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