For large quantities of flammable liquids, we can supply a composite IBC tank specially designed for use in explosive zones 1 and 2.

This container fulfills the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods of a potentially explosive nature, in particular liquids with a flash point below 61°C. Examples of products falling into this category are alcohols, ethers or solvents.

Flammable liquids are earthed by a conductive valve and earthing cable, for safety in potentially explosive working areas, classified as zones 1 and 2.

Applications & Benefits

  • Stable, resistant, anti-static material
  • Earthing via conductive valve and earthing cable
  • Double layered bottle to mitigate collapse risk

This IBC tank is made of HDPE, a robust and resistant plastic which protects the contents from UV radiation. It is stable at very high and low temperatures and is resistant to most acids, alkalis and chemicals.

Avoids static charge

Permanent anti-static outer layer and earthing cable on the outlet valve.

Anti-Static icon

Multiple safety mechanisms

Highly stable and resistant material, UV-stabilized and transparent, allowing any changes to the contents to be spotted quickly.

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Collapse risk mitigation

Multilayer bottle mitigates the (common) risk of a container collapsing due to a vacuum building up within it, as a result of differences in temperature, hot filling, rapid emptying, etc.


EX Area IBCs in Stock

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RS00264 IBC New 1000L / UN / EX AREA / Natural bottle / Composite pallet / 225mm lid / 2" valve Liquids 2 RS00420 IBC New UN 1000LNat bottleEX AREAComp Pallet150mm Lid
RS00420 IBC New 1000L / UN / EX AREA / Natural bottle / Composite pallet / 150mm lid / 2" valve Liquids 2 RS00264 IBC New UN 1000LNat bottleEX AREAComp Pallet225mm Lid
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