Typically used for lower value food products or waste products, Econo AllFibre Drums are the low-cost alternative to steel-chimbed fibre drums. They are ideal for environments with high volumes of light-weight waste – such as personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, disposable overalls, shoe-covers, etc. – where bins need to be changed regularly.

Applications & Benefits

  • Ideal for packing light-weight PPE waste
  • Bespoke printing options
  • Low tare weight means easy handling and lower shipping cost

These bins are also useful where it is necessary to incinerate contents and container together; they are UN-certified for this purpose.

100% Sustainable

All raw materials come from Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC certified) paper mills – that is, from forests with the highest environmental and social standards.

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100% Recyleable

Mono material for easy bailing and recycling


UN Certified PG I, II & III

Having undergone rigorous performance testing, these drums are qualified for packing all levels of dangerous solids

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Econo Drum Standard Sizes

Please get in touch about other sizes. Note that this product can also be made in bespoke sizes to suit your space.

FG00013 Econo All-Fibre Drum 17L / 355 x 200 / UN Solids 63 Econo all fibre drum 17L FG00013
FG01560 Econo All-Fibre Drum 47L / 355 x 500 / UN Solids 36 Econo fibre drum 47L FG01560
FG00050 Econo All-Fibre Drum 100L / 395 x 850 / UN Solids 18 Econo all fibre drum 100L FG00050
FG00059 Econo All-Fibre Drum 110L / 470 x 660 / UN Solids 18 Econo all fibre drum 110L FG00059
FG00077 Econo All-Fibre Drum 160L / 510 x 820 Solids 10 Econo all fibre drum 160L FG00077
To discuss use of this product in your supply chain, just call or message.