The Square Plastic Pail from our partners at Curtec, featuring a practical press-on lid closure – a versatile solution tailored for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and food ingredients. This UN certified pail not only minimises storage and shipping costs but also efficiently protects valuable products from moisture, contamination, and tampering. The press-on lid ensures swift access, saving handling time, while the low moisture vapour transmission and solid UN certification (3H2) make it a reliable choice for storing solids.

Applications & Benefits

  • Press-on lid: Saves handling time.
  • Low moisture vapor transmission.
  • UN certified (3H2) for solids.
  • Food safe.
  • Tamper evident.
  • Sustainable, reusable.
  • Tapered design: Saves storage space.
  • Fold To Close: Press, fold handles to lock

Curtec’s pail is food-safe, tamper-evident, and sustainable, with a tapered design for space optimization. The ‘Fold To Close’ feature, combined with integrated sealing pins, provides a secure, visible tamper-evident seal, guaranteeing the integrity of your products throughout storage and transit. Upgrade your packaging solution with this efficient and secure Square Plastic Pail

EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

UN Certified for Transport of Solids

Product Specifics

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4132 Fold Pack container, PE, 32L, white Solids 162
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