We offer a space-saving, compact IBC with a 300 litre capacity, instead of the standard 1000 litre. Its 600 x 800 cm dimensions correspond to half a standard Euro pallet and it is stable and stackable. It is made of translucent HDPE – a robust and durable plastic, which protects the content against UV radiation.

Like our standard new IBCs, the 300 litre tank can be very easily cleaned and reconditioned for reuse. This often makes it a more sustainable alternative to 200l steel or plastic drums, where you have a closed loop opportunity. It also offers safer handling and movement around a plant relative to 200l drums.


  • Space efficient on pallets, relative to round 200 litre drums
  • Easy handling, relative to 1000 litre tanks

All of our new IBC tanks are food-grade IBCs. This small IBC comes with a steel cage and is available with a plastic, combi or wooden pallet. It is equipped with a NW 50 or NW 80 discharge valve, which can be either integrated or replaceable.

UN Approved

These chemical tanks are suitable for transport of dangerous goods in PG 2 & 3 (medium and low risk packing groups).

UN-Approved icon

Food Safety Approved

All our new IBC containers are certified to US and EU standards.

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Easier to recondition and reuse than drums, these tanks can contribute to sustainability initiatives.


Standard Compact IBC

Please note: minimum order of this product is 64 units.

RS00500 IBC New 300L / UN / Natural bottle / Plastic pallet / 150mm lid / 2" valve Liquids 300L IBC
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