We work with CurTec to exclusively distribute their high-quality plastic storage containers in Ireland. We currently supply drums from both the ClickPack range of smaller containers and the CurTec range of larger containers. Different shapes, necks, opening and handling mechanisms address a wide range of needs.Traditional, robust, industrial plastic barrels are also available, including both open-top and tight-head versions, as well as square and rectangular shapes to optimise transport space. Depending on availability, we can also offer fully-reconditioned, recycled plastic drums through our supplier Packaging Laundry Ltd. Should you be in a position to re-use plastic drums that you buy from us numerous times, this company can also provide a reconditioning service, enabling this.Many specific needs are catered for with wide-neck, total opening, UV-safe and square plastic drums. Lastly, jerricans allow for the cost-efficient transport of smaller batches of liquids.