We have become experts in manufacturing fibre drums over several decades. They are a sustainable and value-for-money alternative to plastic or steel containers, manufactured in Ireland.Produced from a high-grade paper (kraftliner), fibre drums are robust enough to meet the demands of the most difficult supply chains. Internal and external liners increase their versatility and performance. Traditionally, they are sealed with steel chimbs for strength and security, which can be easily removed using a de-chimber, for recycling. This also means that, at the end of its life, when it can no longer be reused or recycled, this is biodegradable packaging. We also supply drums without steel chimbs, to cater for specific weight, disposal, laboratory or other requirements.In fact, we have 11 different types of fibre drum currently available, for different applications – see detailed product pages for each below. All design types can be UN-certified to Packaging Group 1 (PG1) for transport of dangerous solids. A diverse range of industrial products – such as bulk powders, tablets, granules, wire products, pastes and non-hazardous liquids – can be packed and transported in fibre drums.