WastePac Fibre Drums

A low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to steel drums for medical and healthcare waste disposal. These ultra-strong, 200l fibre drums have the same capacity and dimensions as steel drums and are fully coated externally, so they are suitable for outdoor use. They have a reinforced base, so that they can be used with drum compactors, to compact waste into the drums for more economic transport.

    Black fibre drum with base and lid

    Light, cost-effective, UN-certified waste bins. These fibre drums can be used for medical waste disposal, healthcare waste and for all sorts of general solid hazardous waste streams.

    Manufactured with Weather Resistant Lacquer

    For use in outdoor waste areas or transfer stations

    Reinforced Base and Sidewall

    To allow use with drum compactors

    Internal and External Linings

    To contain any moisture within the waste and allow for use in cleanroom environments

    WastePac Range in Stock

    Product Benefits

    • 200l drum is 10kg lighter than steel equivalent, offering significant waste cost savings
    • 25% cheaper than equivalent steel drums
    • Less energy required for incineration
    • Manufactured from sustainable raw materials

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    Fibre Drums