Varibox Reusable IBCs

Industrial Packaging is the Irish distributor of these ultra-durable, ultra-safe chemical tanks. This intermediate bulk container (IBC) is ideal for when enhanced safety and durability are critical requirements. Designed for long-term use and re-use in a closed-loop system, this industrial tote eliminates risk of contact with chemicals, due to its top discharge mechanism, which can be used with a leak-free extractor and its double wall, for better spill containment. It has an integrated plastic, quick-release pallet. (We also supply regular new IBCs in different variations and high-quality reconditioned IBCs.)

    Varibox IBC tank with labels on image, showing its elements and features

    This is a food-grade IBC, available in two different capacities: 800L and 1000L.

    EU Food Grade Approved

    UN Certified for Transport of Liquids

    Designed for Reuse for up to 10 Years

    Integrated Venting Mechanism

    Benefits & Applications

    • Available in 6 colours
    • DIBT approved double wall - requires no spill pallet
    • Available in 800l and 1000l sizes

    Product Range

    • Full Industrial Containers Brochure 2020


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