UV Safe Plastic Drums

These heavy-duty black plastic containers, with a 200-400 Nm UV barrier, are specifically designed to prevent degradation of contents by UV light. They come in a number of different capacities, from 6l to 55l. The biggest size has handles to facilitate transport. (If you need larger capacities, you could consider CurTec’s Conductive Plastic Drums, which also provide UV protection and go up to 115l in size.)

    Six black plastic UV Safe drums in different sizes

    These drums, for pharmaceutical, chemical or food products, will protect against UV light, moisture, contamination and tampering. They comply with both EU and US food safety legislation.

    UN Certified for Transport of Solids

    EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

    UV Safe Plastic Drum Range

    Benefits & Applications

    • 200 – 400 Nm UV barrier
    • Robust and easy to handle
    • Resealable and tamper-evident

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    Plastic Drums & Jerricans