UN Certified Boxes

Industrial Packaging can supply you with boxes with a liner, which are UN certified as suitable for packing hazardous materials or dangerous goods, as an alternative to drums. These boxes are much more heavy-duty than a standard cardboard box and have had to pass the same tests as drums, to achieve the UN certification. A major benefit is that they can be delivered flat-packed, so delivery costs a lot less than other containers, and you can order in bulk and store them more easily. The drawback is that your staff will need to make them up using specialised tape and insert the liner, whereas fibre drums are ready to go when they arrive. Don’t hesitate to ask us for further information and advice about the most suitable packaging options for your dangerous goods.

    Five cardboard boxes of different sizes UN certified to hold dangerous goods

    When shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods, the United Nations (UN) has ruled that boxes must be labelled either “4G” or “4GV.” These designations are packaging codes which alert shipping personnel that the package contains dangerous goods. Both markings legally certify that the entire package, not just the cardboard box, meet all of the provisions of the UN’s specifications for use in the transportation of dangerous goods. 4GV boxes can be packed with any inner packaging which is suitable for dangerous goods, whereas 4G boxes may only be packed with the type of inner packaging specified by the instructions for use.

    UN Approved for Transport of Dangerous Goods

    100% Recyclable

    Light - for Air Freight

    Standard Dangerous Goods Box Range

    Benefits & Applications

    • Small boxes are a lightweight, compliant way to ship samples
    • Large boxes are a practical solution for packing light but bulky waste
    • We also supply tape, vermiculite and liners to go with boxes
    • Empty boxes can be flat-packed for space efficiency

    To request specs on any of the above products just call or message.

    UN Certified Boxes