Tighthead Plastic Drums

We stock plastic drums as a robust, lightweight, cost-effective alternative to steel drums.  These tight-head versions are ideal for storage and transport of high-value liquids. See below for details of shapes and sizes in stock. Capacities ranging from 60L to 220L are available. (We also stock plastic jerricans for smaller batches of liquids.)

    Three plastic drums of different shapes and sizes Blue tighthead plastic drum

    These plastic barrels are made of high-density polyethylene, lighter and more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic.

    EU Food Grade and FDA Approved HDPE

    Thousands of Drums in Stock for Fast Delivery

    UN Approved for Transport of Liquids

    Tighthead Plastic Drum Range

    Benefits & Applications

    • Light-weight, cheaper alternative to steel drums
    • 60L, 120L, 210L & 220L capacities in stock
    • Blue in stock, other colours available to order

    To request specs on any of the above products just call or message.

    Plastic Drums & Jerricans