Tapered Tinplate Pails

We are the exclusive Irish distributor for these quality, conical tin pails for high-value liquids. They are strong, yet lightweight, metal containers for the protection, storage and transport of solvents, chemicals, paints, coatings, adhesives, lacquers and other liquids. They have UN certification to safely contain dangerous goods (1A1 for liquids).

    Two metal pails of different sizes and different closure types

    These steel pails come in a huge range of sizes, from 2.5L up to 60L (see most popular sizes below). Different lids or closure types, as well as branding and painting options are available.

    EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

    UN Certified for Transport of Liquids

    Most Popular Sizes


    • Easy handling
    • Lightweight steel
    • Stackable when full
    • Tamper-evidence
    • Several closure options
    • Customisation options

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