TabletSafe Foam-Lined Fibre Drums

Our TabletSafe foam-lined drums have been developed with customers in the pharmaceuticals industry, to mitigate the problem of tablet crush when shipping product in bulk. The drums are fully lined on the inside with foam inserts. These inserts can be fitted in the drum manufacturing process, or supplied separately, to be fitted during the filling process.

    Fibre drum with lid off showing inner foam lining to prevent tablet crush

    Tablet and capsule crush in bulk tablet shipments is a major cause of waste and machine downtime in the pharmaceutical industry. Our simple solution can significantly reduce these problems.

    Foam protects bulk tablet shipments from crushing and chipping

    Pharma-grade polyethylene or polyurethane liners, made to order

    Foam is integrated into the base, side wall and lid of the drum

    Research shows tablet crush reduction of 90% when using foam inserts

    Benefits & Applications

    • Prevents loss of product and machine downtime
    • Foam protection increases the quality perception of your product
    • Available in many different colours
    • Thickness and softness determined relative to size of pack and strength of tablets
    • Foam sidewall insert reduces friction for easy removal of tablets and liners
    • Polyurethane and polyethylene foam packaging available depending on the application
    • Foam liners can be custom-made to fit most, if not all, sizes and shapes of fibre and plastic drums

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