Standard Plastic Buckets and Pails

Plastic buckets are a space-efficient, economical, single-use alternative to plastic drums, suitable for bulk storage and transport of low value product. They are approved for food products to EU and US (FDA) standards and have UN certification.

    Five white plastic pails with handles and lids

    These economical plastic pails come in a range of different sizes or capacities, from 2.2L up to 32L. They have push-seal lids and handles for easy transport.

    EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

    UN Certified for Transport of Solids

    Benefits & Applications

    • Steel or plastic handles for easy handling
    • Lower cost transport and storage of empty containers
    • Stackable when full
    • Tamper-evident

    Plastic Pail Standard Product Range

    • Full Industrial Containers Brochure 2020


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    Buckets, Pails & Tins