Security and Tamper Evidence Seals

We supply a range of seals, suitable for use with different types of containers. They help to protect product from theft, provide evidence of any tampering, reassure your final customers of the provenance of products through branding options and, most importantly, provide compliance with the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR).

    Security and Tamper Evidence Seals for Drums and IBCs Ten different types of security and tamper evidence seals for containers

    Compliance with UN Certification

    In order to comply with the European ADR, all UN certified packages must be sealed as they were during testing

    Serial Numbers & Barcoding

    These elements are for tamper evidence

    Branding & Logos

    Bespoke printing options will help reassure your customers of provenance and reinforce your brand

    Protect High Value Product

    Mitigate the risk of theft in transit with StrapLock box seals

    Stock Seal Specification Sheets


    • Securing open-top drum leverclamps
    • Sealing tight-head drum bungs
    • Tamper evidence for IBCs and shipping containers
    • Tamper evidence for boxes

    To request specs on any of the above products just call or message.