Salvage Drums

We supply these salvage drums to our customers to enable them to safely dispose of used drums, or of out of date plastic drums. This avoids re-packing a dangerous substance contained in the drum into a new container before disposal. Instead, you can just lift the whole damaged drum into a salvage drum.

    One plastic and one metal salvage drum - for disposing of barrels at end of life.

    Salvage drums are available in plastic or high-quality carbon steel, tested to international standards, including “T-rating”.

    UN Certified with T or W rating

    For Safe, Easy & Compliant Disposal of Damaged Drums

    Damaged Drums can be Lifted Directly into Salvage Drums

    Benefits & Applications

    • Available in steel and plastic
    • Steel drums can be plain or lacquered internally
    • In stock for emergency disposal

    Overdrum Standard Product Range

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    Salvage Drums