Plastic Jerricans

Plastic jerricans (or jerry cans) are a robust and secure packaging solution for small batch liquids, such as hand sanitiser, to use a topical example. They have tamper-evident screw-cap closure and their shape makes them practical and cost-efficient for transport. (We also stock tight-head plastic drums for larger batches of liquids.)

    Five plastic jerricans in different shapes and sizes Four plastic jerricans in different colours A wooden pallet full of clear plastic jerricans

    Available in a range of capacities, from 2.5L to 25L, and a range of colours also. See list of sizes below.

    Blue & Natural in Stock - Full Range of Colours Available to Order

    Design Types to Optimise Space on CP1, CP2 & CP9 Pallet Sizes

    Intergrated Spout Option in 20L

    UN Certified for Transport of Dangerous Liquids

    Standard Jerrican Range

    Benefits & Applications

    • EU Food Grade & FDA Approved HDPE
    • 2.5l - 25l capacities
    • Tamper-evident screw cap
    • Thousands of plastic jerricans in stock for fast delivery

    To request specs on any of the above products just call or message.

    Plastic Drums & Jerricans