Pay Off Pack Drums

We manufacture “Pay Off Pack Drums” for packing, storing and transporting wire, cable, tubing and similar products. They can be purpose-made for your production requirements, so that your cable, tube or wire production machines can pay off directly into the containers, wrapping around the core in the middle.

    Fibre drum with cardboard core inside for packing wire or cable into Fibre drum with cardboard core inside for packing wire or cable into Red and yellow branded fibre drum with a cardboard tube inside, to enable cable or wire to be neatly packed.

    These bespoke wire drums (or cable drums) can be made with the height and diameter required for your specific factory set-up and for the amount of product you want to pack into each container for your customer. The barrels can be customised with your artwork, including your logo, instructions for use, etc.

    Screen Printing

    For simple, low cost, one-colour printing, we can screen-print directly onto drums.

    Digital Wrap Printing

    For full-colour, detailed printing, we can apply a digitally-printed wrap.

    Handle & Strap Options

    We can offer a variety of options, depending on handling requirements (yours and your end customer's).


    • Welding wire
    • Data cable
    • Electrical cable
    • Medical devices
    • Flexible pipes

    Need made-to-order cable or wire packaging? Get in contact.

    Cable and Wire Packaging