Packaging Tubes

Our attractive, secure, environmentally friendly packages have always been popular for posters, prints, certificates and the like. But over the years, we have been approached by clients to develop bespoke cardboard packaging for hundreds of applications: candles, golf clubs, crystal, whiskey bottles, wine bottles, tools, clothing and lots more! They provide a robust and unique alternative to boxes for posting, packaging and storing a wide range of products. 

    Four long cardboard tubes of different designs with golf clubs inside

    A strong and unique packaging option, plain or branded tubes can add value and character to gifts and other products, by protecting them in transit and throughout their lives, and by differentiating them.

    Differentiated Product Packaging

    Make your product stand out from the crowd

    Forever Packaging

    Robust tubes can be used not only as packaging for transport, but by the end user for storage and protection of your products


    • Candles
    • Glassware
    • Tools, fittings, welding rods
    • Sports equipment
    • Glass bottles

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    Packaging & Postal Tubes