Open Top Plastic Drums

We stock plastic barrels as a robust, lightweight, cheaper alternative to steel ones.  These open-top versions are generally used for solids and powders. They are available with vented lids and LeverLoc closure bands, which allow for security or tamper evidence seals to be fitted. (We do also supply open-top steel drums, as well as a wide range of fibre drums, many of which have the same UN ratings in terms of durability as plastic drums, and are available with water-resistant lacquer for outdoor storage.)

    Five blue open top plastic drums of different sizes Small and large blue open top plastic drums Blue open top plastic drum with Leverloc closure band

    Round plastic drums are available in a wide range of capacities, ranging from 20L to 220L.

    Square or rectangular plastic drums allow for optimal use of pallet space. They are available in 30L, 33L, 60L and 125L capacities.

    EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

    Vented Lids Available for Pressure Discharge

    UN Certified for Transport of Liquids & Solids

    Square & Rectangular Drums Increase Pallet Efficiency

    Open Top Plastic Drum Range


    • 20l - 220l capacities available
    • LeverLoc closure band accommodates security or tamper evidence seal
    • Thousands of barrels in stock for quick delivery

    To request specs on any of the above products just call or message.

    Plastic Drums & Jerricans