IBC Bulk Containers

Our range of new, 1000l, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), allow the efficient transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances - maximum quantities in a minimum of space. This makes them a very economical, food-grade, bulk packaging option for the likes of chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc. (We also offer impeccable reconditioned IBCs, washed and repurposed via a rigorous process or, if you have stringent safety requirements or need extra durability for re-use, you may wish to consider our Varibox IBC tanks.)

    White plastic IBC tank, in a metal cage, on a black plastic pallet. IBC on wooden pallet IBC in a metal cage

    All of our new IBC tanks are food-grade IBCs, also suitable of course as water containers. We carry a range to suit different requirements, with four types of pallet available, as well as different outlet sizes and bottle options.

    Wide Range of Pallet, Bottle and Outlet Options

    See list below or give us a call any time, to talk through the most suitable combination for your requirements.

    Hundreds of new IBCs in stock

    From our spacious warehousing facilities located just off the N11 and M50, we can assure responsiveness and just-in-time delivery of a wide range of these plastic tanks. We stock re-bottled and washed IBCs as well as new ones.

    UN Approved

    These chemical tanks are suitable for transport of dangerous goods in PG 2 & 3 (medium and low risk packing groups).

    Food Safety Approved

    All our new IBCs are certified to US and EU standards

    Our Range of IBCs in Stock

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