FIBC Bulk Bags

These heavy-duty big bags – or flexible industrial bulk containers (FIBCs) – are a cost-effective solution for storing, protecting and transporting bulk dry products. Industrial Packaging offers standard-sized IBC bags, both UN certified and non-certified, to cater for different requirements. We also stock over-sized FIBCs (UN certified), for bulkier materials.

    White flexible IBC bag on a wooden pallet

    These 1 tonne bags are a practical, money-saving method of storing and transporting solids and powders, be they building materials, minerals, agricultural products, chemicals, recycled products or other waste.

    UN Certified for Transport of Solids

    Cost-Effective, Practical Solution for Packing Bulky Hazardous Solids

    Stackable in Storage and Transit

    Lifting Loops for Easy, Safe Forklift Handling

    Benefits & Applications

    • Cement, minerals, chemicals, foodstuffs, metal powders, haz waste etc.
    • Various filling and discharge systems available
    • Custom branding and printing options

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    Flexible IBC's / Bulk Bags