EnviroLoc Fibre Drums

Designed for packing and transporting high-value powders and tablets, EnviroLoc drums have no steel chimb, making them lighter and easier to recycle. The base is reinforced with kraft, to protect it from moisture on the ground. The drums can be closed, re-opened and closed as necessary, then sealed with a tamper-evident cable or firtree seal. They have a smooth opening to make it easier to remove a liner.

    75 litre fibre drum with fully kraft body 35 litre fibre drum with fully kraft body Enviroloc fibre drum body and base side by side Two pallets filled with steel and cardboard components of drums

    This fibre drum is very easy to recycle once used, as its components can be separated by hand into the different waste streams: plastic, steel and fibre. It also has the lowest environmental impact of any of our fibre drums, since it uses less steel and plastic - the manufacture of which have a high environmental cost (these materials only feature in the lid).

    Easy Recycling

    Kraft, plastic and steel components can by separated by hand into their respective recycling streams

    Light Weight for Air Freight

    With no steel chimbs, the EnviroLoc is a lighter weight alternative to the LeverLoc Drum

    UN Certified

    Despite its lightweight construction, the drum still provides robust product protection and is UN certified for transporting dangerous goods in categories PG II & III

    Standard EnviroLoc Product Range

    Benefits & Applications

    • Low tare weight means easy handling and lower airfreight costs
    • Resealable and tamper evident
    • Bespoke printing and size options available
    • Most sustainable and easily recyclable of our fibre drum range - without steel or plastic in its base

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