Disposable Column Formers

Using FORMAROUND cardboard concrete moulds on construction sites, when building columns or creating voids in concrete, can save time and money. All pillars on a floor (or voids in a floor) can be poured simultaneously, requiring only one crane lift, reducing crane or concrete truck costs. This makes these circular column formers a fast, labour-saving alternative to steel shuttering, which usually means several stages of pouring with cleaning and oiling in between, as well as storage between sites. The cardboard can be left on to protect the pillars while the floor above is being poured and you can then dispose of the form work in a cardboard recycling facility.

    A factory worker with cardboard column moulds towering above him Cardboard tubes for use as circular column formers in stock near Dublin

    Circular columns add space and light to construction, with less view obstruction than other shapes. They are easily finished too, and have no sharp corners to chip and break. Cardboard pillar formers are the most efficient way to pour concrete pillars for buildings, entrances, bridges, lampposts and other residential and commercial structures. They are relatively light, which benefits the health and safety of workers; they require little bracing; and they can be sized to order (including different heights and diameters on the same job) and easily cut on the job if required, with a circular or hand saw. Plain finish tubes are available for pillars that will not be visible to the public, while fairface finish tubes are available for spaces where aesthetics are important. They give a really smooth finish, requiring no finishing or painting (whereas shuttering has gaps in it, leaving lines that need to be polished out or painted over).

    FORMAROUND tubes are also an economical way to create voids in concrete floors, roof slabs, bridge decks, beams and piles. The concrete forms can be used with cast-in-place concrete and pre-cast concrete. Voids are of course used to run insulation, electric wires, cables or pipework through, but creating voids can also allow you to reduce weight and materials used, without losing out on strength or integrity (strength is provided by steel cables and rebar, not necessarily by excessive amounts of concrete). Cardboard tubes can also be used to fill a void.

    Multiple finish options

    Our FORMAROUND products are available in regular (spiral) or smooth (fair-face) finish options, depending on whether the pillars will be visible to the public or not. The time and labour savings provided by the finish options can be significant in areas where aesthetics are important, because they can eliminate the need for polishing or painting (required when you use steel shuttering to pour columns).

    Simple bracing and set-up

    Means faster job progress. The tubes are also lighter than steel shuttering, which is a health and safety benefit on-site, and are easy to remove and recycle.

    Manufactured to order

    Diameters ranging from 100mm to 1200mm and lengths of anything between 1m and 7m allow you to deliver faithfully on the architect’s vision and to easily incorporate columns of different heights and widths on the same job.

    Pour a whole floor at once

    This will save time and reduce costs of concrete delivery. The cardboard can also be left in place to protect your new pillars, while you pour the floor above.

    Recycling of concrete moulds

    Talk to us about responsible, cost-effective disposal options your used column formers.

    Standard sizes of FORMAROUND - in stock now


    • Columns for residential and commercial buildings
    • Pilings for fences, electricity poles and signposts
    • Bridge supports
    • Stub piers for elevated ramps
    • Voids for concrete floors, roof slabs, bridge decks

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