Containment Fibre Drums

Our containment drums are designed to protect operators from dangerous products, be they finished products in powder or tablet form, or hazardous dust collected from dust extractor systems. 

    Factory operator demonstrating use of sampling arm within liner connecting containment drum to chute that a powder or tablet comes out of

    These drums incorporate a liner, which connects directly to the chute that the tablet or powder comes out of. The liner folds into the drum so that the operator can change the drum, when full, without any risk of coming into contact with the dangerous product. The liner also incorporates a sampling arm for taking product samples without coming in contact with the product.

    Protect Operators & Contain Dust

    Sample sleeves allow operators to take samples and change drums without coming directly in contact with product

    UN Certified for Solids

    Once filled, the sealed liner folds neatly into the drum, the lids can be applied and the container sealed with a Leverclamp for shipping

    Security Sealable

    LeverLoc closure can be fitted with a security seal for traceability

    EU Food Grade and FDA Approved

    Liners are approved for product contact. Drum is suitable for primary packaging

    AntiStatic Liners

    Liners prevent build-up of dangerous static charge, making these drums suitable for explosive areas

    Benefits & Applications

    • Collection of waste from dust extractors
    • Charging of hazardous dusty products
    • Transport and storage of hazardous intermediate products
    • Custom printing options available
    • Manufactured to order, for different chute heights

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