ClickPack Plastic Drums

Industrial Packaging is the exclusive distributor to the Irish market of these practical plastic containers with screw lid closure. Manufactured by CurTec, they have specially developed handles, allowing them to be easily lifted and moved, both mechanically and manually. They are stackable, allowing efficiencies in transport, and resistant to very high and low temperatures (download user manual below for exact specifications). They are washable and reusable - good for cost-saving and the environment. They come in a range of sizes, with capacities from 6L to 25L – see below for details on all sizes available. (See CurTec ‘Nestable Plastic Drums’ for larger capacities.)

    7 white plastic ClickPack drums with black lids

    Containers purpose-made for bulk packing of pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and food ingredients, in quantities up to 25l.

    EU Food Grade & FDA Approved

    Lower Cost of Storing and Transporting Empty Packaging

    UN Certified for Transport of Solids

    ClickPack Plastic Drum Range

    Benefits & Applications

    • Tamper-evident
    • Easy handling
    • Smooth on the inside
    • Can be used with or without liner
    • Resealable and reusable

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    Plastic Drums & Jerricans