Bespoke fibre drums

If you would like a cost-effective container designed specifically for your product and supply chain - which will also contribute to corporate sustainability goals - talk to us about bespoke fibre drums.

We introduced fibre drums to the Irish market in the early 1980s and they have been a hugely popular bulk packaging solution ever since. They are very durable and reliable, they can be sized and accessorised to your specifications, and they are made from renewable resources, leaving a much lower carbon and water footprint than plastic or steel drums.

Because all our fibre drums are manufactured and warehoused in Bray, just off the N11 and M50, we can accurately estimate manufacturing and delivery times.

    Three custom designed fibre drums 11 fibre drums of different sizes and specs

    Produced from a high-grade paper (kraftliner), fibre drums are robust enough to meet the demands of the most difficult supply chains. Internal and external liners increase their versatility and performance. Traditionally, they are sealed with steel chimbs for strength and security, which can be easily removed using a de-chimber, for recycling. We also supply drums without steel chimbs, to cater for specific weight, disposal, laboratory or other requirements.


    All design types can be UN-certified to Packaging Group 1 (PG1) for transport of dangerous solids.


    A diverse range of industrial products – such as bulk powders, tablets, granules, wire products, pastes and non-hazardous liquids – can be packed and transported in fibre drums.

    Bespoke sizes

    We can manufacture in different widths, heights, capacities, to best suit your your factory and supply chain set-up.

    Options to best protect your product

    We consider many options in terms of internal and external lining, bases, lids, chimbs, closure mechanisms… to find the best combination to keep your product in tip-top shape while being stored and transported.

    Decades of specific expertise

    We have learned a huge amount from developing and supplying fibre drums for almost all the major pharmaceutical companies for decades, as well as many other types of manufacturers. We can put this experience to your benefit.


    • Low-cost alternative to plastic and steel drums
    • Low tare weight = easy handling and lower shipping costs
    • Robust and UN-certified for dangerous goods
    • Resealable and tamper-evident
    • Stable and easy to fill and empty
    • Low carbon and water footprint
    • Renewable and recyclable materials

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    Fibre Drums