Post with personality

We’ve always said that one of the great benefits of cardboard and fibre packaging is that it’s customisable. But we’ve only been thinking from the angle of us being able to customise it - in terms of length, diameter and colour - to best fit and protect each unique product….

Several new clients have made us realise that there is a new way to see this : cardboard tubes are also a blank canvas that you can customise yourself, to extend the personality of your products into their packaging. We love what artists Ellen Susan Igoe, Tim Cheung of Qwertee and others have done with our cardboard tubes, which they use to store and safely transport their artworks for their final customers.  

Customised cardboard postal tube

Susan is a multidisciplinary artist who works with pencils, soft pastels, oil pastels, acrylics, oils, watercolour, 3D, mixed media and photography. She does original artworks, cards and photo-realistic commissioned portraits of humans and pets. And the icing on the cake is that she extends the art to the packaging, adding a pop of colour to the pile of post.

Tim supplies t-shirts with artwork referencing pop culture. So you can gift a retro Millenium Falcon or Ghostbusters top, and you’ll be giving an extra little present of a custom-printed robot tube. This can be used to keep important certificates and paperwork in impeccable condition, while also making the shelf look great.

Qwertee custom printed postal tubes

Wouldn’t receiving one of these tubes and their creative contents brighten up your day ?! 

Other creative customers include Jam Art Studio which sells a wide range of original prints and other art forms, Atelier Now which has stunning original contemporary Irish artworks, Damn Fine Print which showcases exciting screen printed products, and Hen’s Teeth creative studio.

Thank you for making artworks of our tubes, we’re thrilled!