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Responsive service, innovative thinking, custom production, R&D, advice, quality testing, sustainability focus… count on all this and more.

Industrial Containers

Fibre, plastic & steel drums, IBC tanks, buckets, boxes and more: we definitely have a bulk container to suit your supply chain.

A group of fibre, plastic and steel drums available from Industrial Packaging in Ireland
Cores & Tubes

Crush-resistant cores for flexible film, tapes & textiles. Tubes for postage, presentation and storage of art & valuable documents.

Cable & Wire Packaging

Multiple solutions for the construction, IT, telecoms and medical devices industries, all made with sustainable materials.

Column Forms

The best-kept secret in construction, cardboard column moulds, in custom dimensions, are lighter and more convenient than shuttering.

Packaging Solutions

No matter how sensitive your product, or how demanding the supply chain, Industrial Packaging can offer product packaging solutions to protect it and maintain its quality during transit and storage.

Pharma, Chemical & Food Products
Dangerous Goods
Flexible Films, Tapes & Textiles
Cable & Wire
Documents, Artwork & Gifts

About Industrial Packaging

Established over 75 years ago, Industrial Packaging offers customers in-depth manufacturing expertise, a highly flexible service and innovative thinking. The net result is robust packaging solutions that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and customer needs.

Latest News & Articles
Four cardboard tubes with different things in them

CASE STUDY: Postal tubes introduce us to new industries

14 September 2020

We are proud to be a supplier of robust postal packaging, in the form of our sustainable cardboard tubes. With the recent explosion of online retail, we have seen lots of new types of products being dispatched via post and other parcel delivery services in our postal tubes; made in Ireland.

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Capsules coming off a production line

PRODUCT: Packaging to prevent tablet crush

20 July 2020

Tablet and capsule crush in transit is a major cause of waste and machine downtime in the pharmaceutical industry. Our composite packaging solution of lining our drums with custom-engineered foam protection can significantly reduce these problems.

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BW photo of Fred Lee at Mt Everest

NEWS: Looking back on our roots

8 June 2020

Last month would have been the 100th birthday of Fred Lee, founder of Industrial Packaging. The ability to identify opportunity, engineer’s perspective and tenacity that characterised Fred have also characterised the company over its decades of survival and growth since he took it on, back in the early 1950s.

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Jerricans with Flammable Liquids labelling

CASE STUDY: Packaging hand sanitiser

6 May 2020

Not all companies who have turned their hands to supplying hand sanitiser in the current environment have experience of working with bulk quantities of flammable product; some are unfamiliar with the specific packaging and transport rules and requirements. Because we do have this experience, and have two certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors within our sales team, we have advice and packaging solutions to offer.

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