We Go Beyond Packaging 

Responsive service, innovative thinking, custom production, R&D, advice, quality testing, sustainability focus… count on all this and more.

Industrial Containers

Fibre, plastic & steel drums, IBC tanks, buckets, boxes and more: we definitely have a bulk container to suit your supply chain.

A group of fibre, plastic and steel drums available from Industrial Packaging in Ireland
Cores & Tubes

Crush-resistant cores for flexible film, tapes & textiles. Tubes for postage, presentation and storage of art & valuable documents.

Cable & Wire Packaging

Multiple solutions for the construction, IT, telecoms and medical devices industries, all made with sustainable materials.

Column Forms

The best-kept secret in construction, cardboard column moulds, in custom dimensions, are lighter and more convenient than shuttering.

Packaging Solutions

No matter how sensitive your product, or how demanding the supply chain, Industrial Packaging can offer product packaging solutions to protect it and maintain its quality during transit and storage.

Pharma, Chemical & Food Products
Dangerous Goods
Flexible Films, Tapes & Textiles
Cable & Wire
Documents, Artwork & Gifts

About Industrial Packaging

Established over 75 years ago, Industrial Packaging offers customers in-depth manufacturing expertise, a highly flexible service and innovative thinking. The net result is robust packaging solutions that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and customer needs.

Latest News & Articles
A factory worker with cardboard column moulds towering above him

NEWS: 75 years in business!

23 February 2022

This year, Industrial Packaging Ltd will be 75 years in business, and an employer of 60 people in our local community. Even at the ripe old age of 75, we still strive to innovate and stay ahead of the game. Here’s a short business update from one of our Directors.

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Covid vaccine being administered by a UNICEF worker in Congo

NEWS: New year donations

21 January 2022

Each year, Industrial Packaging puts aside some funds to donate to deserving charities. This year we asked everyone working with us if there were any charities they would like to support.

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A cargo ship passing a red lighthouse at the entrance to Dublin port

NEWS: Persistent supply difficulties make acrobats of business owners

22 October 2021

Over the last year, it has been increasingly hard for manufacturers to get raw materials. The pandemic caused labour shortages and stoppages in almost all areas of production globally, leading to supply shortages across most industries, which just do not seem to be righting themselves as quickly as we had all hoped.

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Qwertee custom printed postal tubes

PRODUCT: Post with personality

18 June 2021

We can make cardboard tubes in the dimensions that best suit your product, but they are also a blank canvas that you can customise yourself, to extend the personality of your products into their packaging.

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