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Industrial Containers

Fibre, plastic & steel drums, IBC tanks, buckets, boxes and more: we definitely have a bulk container to suit your supply chain.

A group of fibre, plastic and steel drums available from Industrial Packaging in Ireland
Cores & Tubes

Crush-resistant cores for flexible film, tapes & textiles. Tubes for postage, presentation and storage of art & valuable documents.

Cable & Wire Packaging

Multiple solutions for the construction, IT, telecoms and medical devices industries, all made with sustainable materials.

Column Forms

The best-kept secret in construction, cardboard column moulds, in custom dimensions, are lighter and more convenient than shuttering.

Packaging Solutions

No matter how sensitive your product, or how demanding the supply chain, Industrial Packaging can offer product packaging solutions to protect it and maintain its quality during transit and storage.

Pharma, Chemical & Food Products
Dangerous Goods
Flexible Films, Tapes & Textiles
Cable & Wire
Documents, Artwork & Gifts

About Industrial Packaging

Established over 75 years ago, Industrial Packaging offers customers in-depth manufacturing expertise, a highly flexible service and innovative thinking. The net result is robust packaging solutions that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and customer needs.

Latest News & Articles
BW photo of Industrial Packaging founders and directors in 1990s

In memory of Ray

16 December 2019

Thank you to all our customers for their business in 2019. It has enabled us to donate to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and organisations which support people without homes in Ireland: Peter McVerry Trust, Focus Ireland and the Capuchin Day Centre.

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Cloud Picker coffee beans in a fibre drum

Proud partners in coffee packaging

29 November 2019

We are working with Cloud Picker to distribute their coffee, roasted in Dublin, to their customers around Ireland. Re-usable fibre drums will provide an alternative to the single-use, non-recyclable, plastic and foil pouches, generally used in the industry for coffee packaging.

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Two pallets packed with steel and paper components of used Enviroloc drums

Enviroloc – the most sustainable fibre drum

30 September 2019

We have been manufacturing sustainable fibre containers for bulk storage and transport for decades. While they all have a much lower impact on the environment than packaging made with materials such as plastic or steel, the best from this point of view is the Enviroloc drum.

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Five black plastic drums, specially designed to contain flammable contents

The role of packaging in explosion prevention

12 August 2019

Specialised dangerous goods packaging can help prevent industrial explosions. Industrial Packaging supplies several types, suitable for different product types and volumes. These may be fibre drums, plastic drums, or larger industrial bulk containers (IBCs).

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