NEWS: It’s getting mezzy in the warehouse

We’re excited about our new building project, adding a mezzanine level to our warehousing facility. It will increase storage capacity considerably, allowing us to respond even quicker to our customers.

Additional warehouse space added by Industrial Packaging via a mezzanine with conveyor belt to stock fibre drums and other industrial containers

It’s not quite finished, so you can’t see the drums going up on the conveyor belt (the best part!) but the pictures will give you an idea of what it looks like.

Making the most of our existing space by adding a mezzanine, rather than building new warehousing, is obviously much more economical and sustainable, sharing the same power use across a “bigger” warehouse space.

Fibre drums being stored on a mezzaine at the warehouse of Industrial Packaging LtdIt will add 2500 square ft to our 100,000 square ft premises in Bray. That’s an extra 6 truckloads of 120 litre drums: 2,800 drums.

This is in addition to our existing capacity, meaning we are now able to stock well over 20,000 drums and hundreds of IBC tanks at a time, to allow just-in-time delivery. This policy allows us to operate on a make-to-stock basis for our regular customers, offering them the benefit of a short lead time.

As well as this, one of the little extras we can offer our customers is a vendor-managed inventory service to hold contingency stock, ensuring continuity of supply.

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