Our journey has been shaped by a singular vision: to emerge as the premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality industrial packaging, defined not only by our products but by our unwavering dedication to sustainability. 

It directly impacts all four of our specialised divisions – Industrial Containers, Cardboard Cores & Tubes, Cable & Wire Packaging, and Construction Column Forms. Our Environmental Management System has been independently assessed by Certification Europe, on an annual basis and we have maintained ISO 14001:2015 since 2012.  

But sustainability is not a linear path, so we continue to push towards a circular economy, and our efforts are geared towards the efficient manufacturing of industrial packaging while at the same time designing packaging so that it can be easily reused or recycled with minimal environmental impact.  

Here, we explore the initiatives that propel Industrial Packaging as a leader in sustainable packaging solutions, seamlessly integrating responsible business practices with our rich legacy of expertise and innovation. 

Your Sustainability Journey 

If you want to align your own business’s packaging needs with sustainable solutions, check out these products outlined below or contact us to talk through your requirements – we produce both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions. And we understand the commercial pressures facing clients too, so a holistic approach is fundamental to securing commercial success and the financial stability that enables us all to support sustainability as a central ethos of our operations. Let’s work together to promote the circular economy, both in our own businesses and in this sector of the economy.  

Our Circular Economy 

As you are well aware, the concept of a circular economy is centred around minimising waste and making the most of resources. In the context of industrial containers, implementing a circular economy model has required us to rethink their design, usage, and the end-of-life processes to ensure they contribute to a sustainable system. 


Reconditioned IBCs 

In addition to providing new IBCs, Industrial Packaging offers the highest quality reconditioned Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) – professionally reconditioned, thoroughly tested, and recertified to meet UN standards. Drawing upon our decades of expertise in the industry, we assure our customers that, despite being second-hand, these IBCs are safe and fully reliable containers. Our commitment to quality is manifested through a meticulous 7-stage reconditioning process,  carried out by our trusted supplier Packaging Laundry, on a cutting-edge production line dedicated specifically to reconditioning IBC’s. 

Reconditioned IBCs


IBCs Ireland

Our reconditioned IBCs are not only a cost-effective solution for companies seeking to economise without compromising on quality, but they also align with sustainability goals. These containers are specifically tailored for non-food or pharmaceutical-grade products such as industrial chemicals, adhesives, lubricants, and waste. Furthermore, they are UN-certified for the transport of dangerous liquids, offering a secure and reliable solution for various applications. 


Rebottled IBCs 

With a substantial 1,000-litre capacity, these containers facilitate the transportation of liquids, but most importantly, unlike their reconditioned counterpart, they can be used for food grade products. The universal design of rebottled IBCs, combined with their durability, makes them highly versatile for a range of applications. Specifically crafted from tough, durable HDPE (high-density polyethylene), the container bottles endure harsh environmental conditions while remaining lightweight for easy handling and transportation. The unique feature of rebottling involves combining a fresh, unused container with a reused outer metal frame, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and safety assurance. This sustainable practice not only results in significant cost savings for businesses but also contributes to the overall sustainability of the supply chain by minimising routine waste. In addition, the new bottle gives a new 5-year lifespan from the date of manufacture when used with dangerous goods.  Rebottled IBCs, with their focus on safety and efficiency, are increasingly favoured in the food and drink industry, providing a reliable and adaptable storage solution for producers, manufacturers, and suppliers of perishable consumables. 

Rebottled IBCs

Enviroloc Drums 

The Enviroloc drum is manufactured for bulk storage and transport, and these fibre containers are specifically designed to have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to materials such as plastic or steel. 

The core of the Enviroloc drum lies in its construction, crafted from 100 per cent kraftliner, a high-grade paper that ensures durability and eco-friendliness. The base is reinforced with kraft, providing protection against ground moisture – a noteworthy shift from a previous option involving recycled plastic reinforcement. In our pursuit of sustainability, we have fully embraced the use of kraft, underscoring our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. 

Unlike certain fibre drums, the Enviroloc drum eschews a steel chimb, simplifying its disposal and recycling process. Components can be effortlessly separated by hand in seconds, eliminating the need for tools and promoting ease of recycling. This design choice is particularly advantageous in laboratory conditions where the absence of steel chimbs is preferred. 

A significant advantage of the Enviroloc drum lies in its reduced weight compared to plastic, steel, or traditional LeverLoc fibre drums. Beyond being a cost-effective solution for air freight, this lightweight design enhances workplace health and safety by facilitating easy handling. 

Our Enviroloc drums, available in sizes of 35, 64, and 75 litres, are not only readily stocked but can also be tailored to meet specific requirements. Beyond their sustainable composition, these containers adhere to the stringent standards for the transport and storage of high-value industrial solids and powders. UN-approved for dangerous goods, the Enviroloc drum stands as a testament to Industrial Packaging Ltd.’s unwavering commitment to sustainable, versatile, and responsible packaging solutions. 

Three Enviroloc fibre drums of different sizes


Sustainable Future 

Striking a balance between business needs and environmental concerns, we continue to pro-actively work on the reduction of emissions and improving our own operations to help fight against climate change. This isn’t limited to the products outlined above.  

Our drive for environmental efficiency has also resulted in a “root and branch” analysis of our raw materials and the majority of our products are now being crafted from renewable materials such as fibre or cardboard. These materials not only require minimal water and energy but also emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases compared to alternatives.  

As part of this commitment, we extend our influence beyond our manufacturing walls. Partnering with suppliers such as Greif, Curtec, and Packaging Laundry, we ensure that the products we distribute align with our dedication to sustainability. We actively participate in the circular economy by supplying reconditioned containers, encouraging packaging reuse and reducing waste. 

Our Partner Curtec’s Roadmap to Sustainability 

CurTec is currently initiating a trial programme in the Netherlands, focusing on the grinding of drums that have completed their life cycle. The resulting regrind will be reintegrated into the production process, contributing to the creation of new products. This closed-loop approach is expected to significantly decrease waste, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and positive ecosystem. 

This development is incredibly positive for us, as partnering with a like-minded entity dedicated to environmental concerns is a mutually beneficial situation (and to help clients meet their sustainability objectives too).  


Sustainability is an Active Priority. 

To ensure our progress is tangible and continuous, we set measurable targets and actively assess our activities. Compliance with Irish and EU legislative requirements is paramount, and we continually implement measures to prevent pollution and minimise our environmental impact. From upgrading machinery to adopting LED lighting that adjusts based on natural light, we are consistently striving for energy efficiency. 


Waste reduction is another area of focus for Industrial Packaging. By maintaining and upgrading machinery, providing extensive operator training, and sourcing materials from approved suppliers, we mitigate the generation of poor-quality products. In unavoidable instances, waste is meticulously separated by stream for recycling, reinforcing our commitment to responsible waste management. 

Looking ahead, our sights are set on installing solar panels on our factory roofs during 2024.  

At Industrial Packaging, we believe that a sustainable business is a thriving business, and we are proud to lead the way towards a greener future. 

If you’d like to source sustainable packaging, then join us in leading the way into a green future for the industrial packaging market, contact us by phone or email here. 


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