NEWS: Reusable racks replace pallets in sustainability step

Traditionally, products such as cores have been shipped on pallets and need to be stretch-wrapped and strapped in bundles, implying packaging waste. We can now supply them on reusable, collapsible racks, reducing packaging waste.

Reusable racks stacked being collected

At Industrial Packaging, we recently invested in 68 collapsible metal racks, in order to reduce plastic packaging waste AND provide a better customer experience. Delivering cores on these racks offers the following sustainability benefits:
  • 33 wooden pallets saved per truck load
  • approximately 23kg of plastic strapping and stretch wrap saved per truck load.

With these new racks, our customers no longer have to dispose of this waste packaging.

The new racks are also easier to unload, with products feeding easily into a hopper. Once empty, they can be collapsed and stacked up to six high (which is a big space saving). We then collect them from the customer when delivering their next order.

Beyond the sustainability benefits, these new racks are also more stable in transit, so less likely to fall over in the truck, resulting in product damage. The racks also provide better protection for their contents when they are being moved around warehouse and factory areas, maintaining the integrity and quality of the cores, so that they themselves can offer the highest levels of protection to our customers’ products when they come into use.

Cores on pallets in plastic wrap in factory
Cores used to be delivered on pallets, wrapped in plastic – packaging customers then needed to dispose of.
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